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Areas of study offered at Grand River Aikido

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Adult Class

Adult Training Ages 17+

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Kids Class

Kids Training Ages 6-10 years

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Youth Class

Youth Training Ages 11+

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See Why People Choose Grand River Aikido

I'm a black belt who just started training with Sensei Lee at Grand River Aikido. He has a very deep level of understanding and is a very high-calibre teacher with excellent technique. His insights and expertise keep my full attention throughout each class. Aikido is growing and Guelph is lucky to have this resource.

Aikido is an almost magical martial art created by one of the last true Japanese Samurais. The more you give up using strength, the better you get, because it's based on blending, redirecting, awareness, sensitivity, balance, and timing.

It's cooperative training, where you learn how to do techniques and have them done to you safely and without fighting. By the time you're a green belt, you'll be doing them at full speed with your partners, without injury, and you'll just keep getting better. It's also pretty cool and amazes your friends. :-)

People join because they resonate with the non-violent philosophy of using techniques that control people without hurting them unnecessarily, and stay because it's fun, effective, and fascinating to learn.

It's broken down and taught like a science across a growing network of Dojos connected to Japan and with time, you'll get the expertise to become a recognized Sensei yourself.

There's adults and kids classes. Drop in to watch or try a class for free. It's a couple doors up from The Flower Barrel downtown at 7:30PM, Monday's and Wednesday's. Look for the Karate sign. We're sharing their space in the basement.

-- John Reel

I started aikido at the age of 55. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it, but sensei Lee and the rest of the class encouraged me to try. Thanks to their help and patience I have already got my first belt. Aikido has given me a confidence I never had before, I walk a little taller and sit straighter. I'm getting more flexible all the time and can do forward and backward rolls. I have learned moves I never thought I could do. I can't thank everyone in class enough. I highly recommend Grand River Aikido to everyone.

-- Andrew Barclay

Great teacher, great class, great atmosphere. Very fun and you can learn at your own pace.

-- Jeff Franson

I'm from Japan and I've finally found this dojo after a long search. Sensei Lee is an amazing teacher and the other members are very supportive and patient.

--Akino Mizutani

I visited Grand River Aikido as my first class in any martial art. As soon as I entered I was warmly welcomed and treated really well. This lasted throughout. It was a fun group and I felt like I got a lot of good initial insights into this art. The instructor (and other black belts) were terrific. Highly recommend this dojo.

--Jamie Miller